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Welcome to Nevrast, a growing site dedicated to Tolkien's masterpiece, Lord of the Rings.

Nevrast is an elvish word meaning "hither shore", the elvish equivalent to "middle earth".

Our newest feature is the Elvish Dictionary compiled by our own, Galadnilien. This dictionary, which was tediously created using various sources features the translation of common words into Sindarin and Quenya. Also, we would like to announce our newest feature to come, a media gallery where our vistors can become members, upload their own wallpapers, buddyicons, midi files, smileys, fan art, and even rate all of the Nevrast Media. Visit soon for this exciting new addition to Nevrast as we branch out and grow to accomodate our visitors.

Visit frequently for updates and additions!

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Updates: (Recent updates)

  • 8/12/04 The awards for the Happy Hobbit Doll Contest are now up! Go and see the winners! Thank you to all who particpated. The judging was very hard for us.

    There is also a new realistic base and a new fairy doll in the doll section both created by Lithriel and new awards in the awards section that members of the Nevrast Team have earned in Solace's latest contest.

  • 8/9/04 Alot of new content in the Funny Section, check it out! Three new additions to the Literature Section have also been put up.

  • 8/4/04 The Happy Hobbit Doll Contest has ended see the entries; voting by a private jury will take place soon. The Humour Section has updates. And Galadnilien has a new Award. Sorry guys for the delay in updating, the ftp program was having serious issues, which were resolved this morning. ^_^

  • 7/26/04 There are currently 10 entries in the Happy Hobbit Doll Contest, so hurry with your entries, you do not wan to miss out!

  • 7/23/04 We have two lovely new entries in the Happy Hobbit contest, as well as new 101 Ways.

  • Visit our affiliate: Middle Earth 7/20/04 There are two new contest entries for the Happy Hobbit contest up. Two new links have been added to the links section and we now have a new affiliate: Middle Earth. You can check out our affiliate list on our webrings page.

    Special thanks to junglboy for creating a new midi file based on the song Minas Tirith on the third soundtrack cd. We are also thankful to QueenOfGondor for giving us some hilarious pictures based on lotr that have been posted in the humor section. Finally, we wish to thank Eowyn Skywalker for giving us access to her smilies:

  • 7/19/04 We have a new series of bases, the Inspired Series. See them in the Base Section.

  • 7/18/04 Ok sorry guys, we've been updating just not updating the updates list. Right well most recently there are two new dolls, an Elf and a wizard, and the Funny Section is updated.

  • 7/13/04 The humor section has been updated and a piece has been added to the literature section. Another doll has been added to the doll contest and a new category has been added to the doll section. We are still working hard on our new gallery feature which will be up soon! ^_^

  • 7/12/04 Sorry for the downtime yesterday. Our hosting service was changing our server to a new location, and needless to say, the proprosed 4 to 6 hour downtime became 24+ hours. But we are back up, and fine. Sorry guys, hope you didn't miss us too much!

  • 7/8/04 A new category of bases called Pixies have been added. A doll has been added to the nasties and men sections as well. FYI: no more people will be allowed to sign up for our current roleplay but we'll be starting another one as soon as enough people sign up, so ssign up today and stay tuned.

  • 7/7/04 We've replaced the search feature on our website with a more extensive one. A new poll has been added as well as a whole new set of bases created by Megilhirile and Lithriel. The Happy Hobbit doll contest is still going on. Go to the doll section for details.

  • 7/6/04 The Elvish Dictionary is completed!!!!! There is a new Lovemoot Application up in the Funny Profiles! Also, 101 Ways to Die in Middle Earth has new updates and a new poem in the Literature Section.

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